1. What makes FaceMD™ skin care system different from other skin care systems?

FaceMD™ is a medically developed skin care program that is the result of over 25 years experience in facial cosmetic surgery, chemical peeling, topical skin treatment and research. After evaluating nearly every product line on the market, only the best and most effective components were selected to construct the FaceMD™ line.

FaceMD™ is a well-tolerated regimen composed of natural ingredients that are actually effective on all skin types. Practical experience and patient use guided the meticulous selection process for the best ingredients and the perfect concentration levels for FaceMD™ products. Components were selected for effectiveness and skin tolerance. Extraneous additives were avoided. There is no artificial coloring and no artificial fragrances added.

Dry crepe-like skin, fine lines, age spots, pore size, and pigmentation spots can all be treated. FaceMD™ increases damaged skin exfoliation, skin regeneration and hydration.

With proper and consistent use, FaceMD™ can improve any skin type. In cases of severely damaged skin that might require more aggressive therapy, the FaceMD™ line has been designed to work with additional treatments and/or prescriptions administered by one’s own physician. FaceMD™ is a natural, effective, and tolerated skin care program.

FaceMD™ is not a diluted out, weak product line. It must be used with caution and thought. The exfoliation and hydration process is the key to improving the skin. Because each person’s skin is different, the product use must be increased or decreased according to each person’s sensitivity and or resistance.

2. Are FaceMD™ products safe to use while I am pregnant?

Yes, but you should not add Retin A or tretinoin type products to the treatment while pregnant.

3. How long does it take before I will see results?

Results depend on the beginning skin condition and damage, skin type, and age. Results can occur within a few weeks or it can take 6 months or more to begin seeing results in damaged or extremely thick or oily skin types. Improved results can be obtained by increasing use frequency or adding Retin A or Tretinoin type products or implementing a superficial skin peeling process.

4. Are FaceMD™ products safe for all skin types and skin tones?

Yes, but rare individuals may exhibit excess sensitivity. Patients on certain bone restoration medications may display excess skin sensitivity.

5. Are FaceMD™ products tested on animals?


6. What should I do if I have a reaction to the products?

If one experiences excess redness or a rash, they should avoid the sun, wind, heat or cold. They should halt all skin products (including all other items applied to the skin such as lotions, make up, eye liner, etc.) and allow the skin to settle down. See your dermatologist for any significant reaction.

Remember, combining many items to your face may increase the opportunity for a skin reaction. It may not be FaceMD™ products causing the reaction but rather the combination of products.

7. Can I use FaceMD™ products while receiving Clinical skin treatments?

Yes, but use common sense and don’t over treat your skin.

8. Can I use a retinoid while using FaceMD™ products?

Yes, they may improve the speed of skin repair when used along with FaceMD.

Have more questions? Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any other questions you might have.